About FerroDroom kunstmarkt

Vera Mauro, owner of The Ferro Droom kunstmarkt believes that art should be accessible for everyone. It is a platform, open for anyone who wishes to buy art, sell art or even have private- or business events surrounded by art!

The Ferro Droom is located in Rotterdam. It is an excellent place for artists to exhibit their artwork in a very accessible way.  There are 3 exhibition areas that can be used by artists to exhibit their artwork.

Direct, affordable ( 15% goes to Ferro droom and the rest is for the artist), it fascilitates a direct sale between artists and art lovers.

Very inspiring and environmental!

For Artists: 

Great spacious area for your own personal exhibition.

No starting fees, you only pay when you sell your work.

you get to keep 85% of the selling price, 15% is for Ferrodroom (an additional 6% VAT/BTW will be applied)

You can choose if you want to organize opening party or Ferrodroom can organize for you at costs and fee.

Light & sound system and Dj available.

For Art lovers: 

Direct sales between the artist and you. 

Always affordable real artwork available!

Only genuine art will be supplied.

Framing is optional and according to your personal demands.

In general Ferrodroom kunstmarkt is available for:


Team meetings

Private parties

Business presentations

Marketing events