About Vera Mauro

Vera Mauro originally comes from Brazil. She was born in a small village, where as a child, she dreamed about the world and all its colours. “As long as I can remember, I have wanted to paint everything with colours “

Later she moved to the Netherlands. She studied art with many different art teachers. For her, Pablo Picasso is a great source of inspiration. According to Vera Mauro he is “the perfect imperfection and vice versa. His work is always tempting and it is a wonderful challenge to follow the intense strokes he always uses to express himself in his art.” She also  has a great fascination with the Renaissance masters, such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

For her, living in the Netherlands is a great privilege, with so much art, museums and culture all around you.

Vera has lived in many different countries. They inspired her, and these experiences, along with all the colours she always dreamed about, have been transformed into the paintings on her canvas, as little pieces of stories…

Vera Mauro